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Burr name tag and keyring set
Burr name tag and keyring set
Burr name tag and keyring set
Burr name tag and keyring set
Burr name tag and keyring set
Burr name tag and keyring set

Burr name tag and keyring set

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This luxury antler keyring and dog name tag set is a perfect gift for a dog parent and their fur baby.
This matching set is made from naturally shed reindeer antler "burr" slices (the bottom of the antler).

The keychain will have your dog's silhouette portrait burned. You will need me to provide with either a good side photo of your dog, or tell me his breed and I will use a generic breed silhouette. The burned bits will be covered with non-toxic clear resin to protect the drawing.

You can choose the size on the drop down menu.

You can see the fonts I offer on one of the pictures of the listing. Small name tags can only fit fonts 1 and 3.

Fill in your dog's name (front side) and phone number, home address, some short quote or drawing (back side). If you leave the "back side" field blank, I will give you a one sided tag, with unsanded antler on the other side. Text will be handwritten with a pyro-tool.

Each antler is unique and no two dog tags will be the same. After I get your order, I will contact you so you can approve on the name placement sketch, then you can also see if you like the piece I've chosen for you.


It will take me about 2-3 weeks to make your order depending on the amount of orders. If you want to skip the line then add this listing: https://goo.gl/FHoqMJ

The burned bits will be covered with eco-friendly resin to protect the writing from UV rays and rubbing. Then the tag will be waxed to mask the smell of the antler so the dog wouldn't try to eat it, also for the durability and waterproofness. 

We offer worldwide shipping!
This item will be shipped from Finland with Priority mail and no tracking (USA, Canada it might take up to two weeks for delivery). We also offer Express tracked shipping. https://goo.gl/JCBeRF