TIEVA Antler Name Tag
TIEVA Antler Name Tag
TIEVA Antler Name Tag

TIEVA Antler Name Tag

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TIEVAĀ - "Side of a hill"

This name tag lets your pup's name blend together with the drawing, as it spreads all over the surface. Antler is whitened allowing me to use the burner tool. Choose a motive for the drawing and I will come up with a unique design how to bled everything together.

I have various sizes of these pet ID tags. Choose the size of your dog on the dropdown menu at checkout and I will find the optimal size for your pooch.Ā 

You can see the fonts I offer on the second picture of the listing. If you have another font you'd prefer then let me know.

You can chooseĀ some specific design, or giveĀ redirections and let me create something special for you. I will send you a sketch to approve, but if you wish, I can make it as a surprise and you won't know the result until you receive the name tag.
Fill in your dog's name (front side) andĀ phone numberĀ on the back side. Text will be handwritten with a pyro-tool.