UPGRADE - Amber embedding

UPGRADE - Amber embedding

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For those who are not into blingy crystals but want to make their pup's name tag even more special, I offer to embed a few pieces of Baltic Amber. 

I come from Latvia, one of three Baltic States where the majority of Amber comes from. Amber basically is pine sap that has turned into beautiful resin over millions of years.
This amber I have inherited from my grandfather who used to work in Amber treating factory, but don't worry I have plenty of this gem.

If you purchase this upgrade with a non-design tag, just a name, then I will add amber pieces in one line under your pup's name, like in the photo with Kero's tag.

If you purchase this upgrade with a custom design tag, then I will contact you and together we will decide how to incorporate amber into your custom design. The possibilities are endless.