UPGRADE - Ashes for a memorial piece

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If you wish to have an everlasting memorial piece of your beloved pet who has been cremated, I offer to embed their ashes into a special custom piece that I will help you design.

The ashes can be embedded into a name tag that your pup used to wear or you can purchase a new antler piece - a wall burr, hanging wall decor, necklace or key holder that you can take everywhere with you. These items need to be purchased separately as this is just an upgrade.

Casting them into a resin is a safe way to keep the ashes visible without having to store them into a bag in a dark box.

I ask you to send me about a teaspoon of the ashes, I usually don't need more than that. Please contact me via email woof@tundrada.com or Instagram @tundra.da to discuss details about your memorial piece.