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Personalized Antler Chew With Your Dog's Name
Personalized Antler Chew With Your Dog's Name
Personalized Antler Chew With Your Dog's Name
Personalized Antler Chew With Your Dog's Name
Australian Shepherd chewing on antler
Personalized antler chew on a tree branch
Dog chewing on antler
Custom dog chew with engraving
Antler with dog's name engraved in flowers

Personalized Antler Chew With Your Dog's Name

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Show some extra love for your pup and get his name engraved in his antler chew. Engraving is done with wood burning pen and is safe and non-toxic.

Why this antler chew is great for your dog:
• Satisfies their need to chew
• Keeps them busy
• Keeps their teeth clean
• Offers minerals and vitamins
• Long-lasting
• Doesn’t leave stains or smells (at least humans can’t smell it)
• Cleaned without chemicals, cut and sanded in small batches.
• Collected from the free-range reindeer in the wild Finnish Lapland – one of the cleanest environments on Earth
• Naturally shed, no reindeer were harmed because of this antler
• All the cuts are sanded down and there is no sharp antler tips.

As with any dog chew, be aware and watch your dog when you first introduce them with the antler chew. Make sure that they don’t try to swallow it.
Choose an appropriate size antler for your dog to reduce the risk of choking, and take the antler away if your dog has chewed it small enough to be a choking hazard.
If your dog loses interest in the antler after a while, take it away and give back in a week.
If your dog is not interested in the antler at all, try rubbing it lightly with sandpaper or soak it overnight in water.
Wash with warm soapy water.

You will receive either 2-3 small chews, 1-2 medium or 1 large depending on your dog's size. Only one of these antlers will have your dog's name burned on top.
Small antlers are about 5 inches long and big ones up to 10 inches. All options are roughly the same weight together.

Please write your dog's name and choose the size.


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