Lapland scenery with snow melting and red fox seeing a reflection of polar fox in the water

"You shouldn't be here" Oil on canvas. 2022


Sunset scenery with dog and forest silhouettes

"On my way" Acrylic on paper. 2022

Lapland nature with snowy trees and pink blue sky

"Frozen in time" Plain air - oil on canvas. 2021

Red sunset with big moon and tree silhouettes

"Moon can't sleep tonight" Oil on canvas. 2022

"Only in Lapland" acrylic, reindeer antler. 2021

"Only in Lapland: a guest" acrylic, reindeer antler. 2021


"Sunset in tundra" mixed media on reindeer antler slices. 2021


"Northern Lights" Acrylic on elk antler. 2021