Here you can see my portfolio -  works I have created for my own pleasure or exhibitions. Most of these works are for sale, if not "Sold". Please reach out to woof@tundrada.com for a quote if you are interested in one of the works.

Oil on canvas painting with owl

"The breath before" Oil on canvas, 2022, 50 cm x 105 cm, Framed, For sale

Summer painting of Northern Finland

"Secret Spot", Acrylic on paper, 2023, 23 cm x 30 cm, For sale

Painting Lapland's nature with dogs

"On our way 2", Acrylic on paper, 2023, 24 cm x 30 cm, For sale



Antler art, exhibited in tunturi-lapin luontokeskus, Finland, Lapland

Three antler piece installation exhibited in Fell-Lapland nature centre.

2023 April - June

Northern lights antler art
”I stood there, powerless”
Mixed media on reindeer antler, 2023, Sold

Foggy Forest antler art

“Without any force”
Mixed media on reindeer antler slices, 2023, for sale

Engraved reindeer antler by Eline Niemi

“I became less”
Engraved antler, 2023, Sold


Lapland scenery with snow melting and red fox seeing a reflection of polar fox in the water

"You shouldn't be here" Oil on canvas. 2022, 54 cm x 63 cm, Framed, For sale


Lapland nature with snowy trees and pink blue sky

"Frozen in time" Plain air - oil on canvas. 2021, Sold



"Only in Lapland" acrylic, reindeer antler. 2021, for sale

"Only in Lapland: a guest" acrylic, reindeer antler. 2021, sold


"Northern Lights" Acrylic on elk antler. 2021, for sale