How to Order

Please read this if you are planning to order a name tag from me for the first time!

Will be updated soon...

Ever since the demand for my artwork has grown, I cannot keep the shop open or else I would get flooded with orders. It's just me doing all the work so I have to make sure that I can make the orders in timely manner and keep the quality of my work better every day.


First and foremost make sure that you are either following me on Instagram and seeing my newest posts and stories or have subscribed to my newsletter so you don't miss out on any announcements about reopening. 

I usually reopen the shop as soon as I have finished orders from the previous reopening, once every few months.

As soon as the reopening date is announced, check the time zone, you can use google to write the time I have announced, for example "18:00 Helsinki time" and it will show you in the first result what will be the time on your time zone. Then set an alarm a few minutes before, so you don't miss it.

In the week before reopening, I usually share in my Instagram stories any new upgrades, or ready made items, so if you are looking for something special, it's good to keep an eye on those. 

I suggest to make an account in my website, so you can save your address for faster checkout and put things in cart. Usually a few hours before the reopening, I put Upgrades as available in the shop. Please don't purchase only upgrades, I will refund those orders. Antler dog chews and bandanas are always available to purchase.

If you are joining on the PREMADE TAG SALE (they are usually called "Month's Release" in the website) then make sure you have seen my stories in Instagram where I have shared the previews, pick a favourite or two and also have some back up tags in case your first choice is sold. (The tags are numbered and easy to follow). Each tag will have a *reserve* button next to it, which will hold your item in your cart for 2 minutes and make it unavailable for other people. If you don't purchase in those two minutes, the item will go back in stock. Each month you can reserve five items to avoid people stuffing their cart aimlessly and purchasing only one.



If you have any questions about which upgrades you want to get to achieve some specific design, feel free to message me, but please do it well in advance, an hour before reopening my inbox gets so flooded and I am busy with operating the website and I won't be able to answer any questions then.

Once the time comes and Name Tags are back in stock, you have to be fast, I suggest you save your phone number so you can just Copy Paste it in the right field, don't waste time writing long notes, if you have any wishes, just write me an IG message or email after you have ordered and mention your order number.

Usually I get hundreds of orders at once and then I have to close the shop after just a few minutes, please don't be mad if you didn't make it in time, I really wish I could take all your orders, but it's just not possible.

If you want your order to be one of the first ones that I work on, get the Rush upgrade, it means I will work on those orders first.

After that it usually takes me about 4-8 weeks, could be more if I get a lot of orders at once, so please be patient. I will contact each person separately once I start working on it, unless you ordered only Wild Surprise tag, those orders you only get to see once they arrive.

Thank you for considering buying my art and supporting my wildest dream!