How to Order

Please read this if you are planning to order a name tag from me for the first time!

Ever since the demand for my artwork has grown, I cannot keep the shop open or else I would get flooded with orders. It's just me doing all the work so I have to make sure that I can make the orders in timely manner and keep excellent quality for my craft and art.



In my online store you will find Waiting Lists next to each product that is custom made (antler chews and other items you can buy without having to sign up the waiting list). You sign up with your email address to however many waiting lists you want and once it's your turn, I can activate all of them at once so you save on shipping. You can purchase multiple items from the same waiting list with different sizes and designs. Unfortunately the listing shows only the lowest price so be prepared that bigger sizes and more complicated designs will be more expensive. 

You will get an email notification with purchase link once it's your turn. Soon after that I will be sending you an email or Instagram message with more information for custom work (unless it's a Wild Surprise Tag in which case I won't).

You can see which number you are in the line when you view the specific product you are waiting for, once oyu have logged in your account.

There is about 3-4 month waiting time for each waiting list, more for the burr tags, you can avoid that by purchasing Skip the line upgrade



Once in a month or two I release Premade tags - make sure you see my stories in Instagram where I share the next release date and previews of all tags, pick a favourite or a few and also have some back up tags in case your first choice is sold. (The tags are numbered and easy to follow). 
As soon as the release date is announced, check the time zone, you can use google to write the time I have announced, for example "18:00 Helsinki time" and it will show you in the first result what will be the time on your time zone. Then set an alarm a few minutes before, so you don't miss it.

I suggest to make an account in my website, so you can save your address for faster checkout and put things in cart. Premade tag releases usually get sold out very quickly.

Thank you for considering buying my art and supporting my wildest dream!