About me

I have been doing art all my life and working with antler since I came first to work with sleddogs in Arctic Lapland - 11 years ago. Nature, dogs and painting have always been my biggest passions and in 2017 they merged into my very own small business - creating unique name tags for pups. During the years I have made various types of artwork on antler and served over thousand customers and art collectors.



"The durability is absolutely incredible, I’ve had a few of my antler tags for a couple years already and they have gone through every weather possible and have gone on so many adventures with us and there is not even a single scratch on any of them!"
- Jenny, Kuma & Hikiro

"It is a testament to the durability of these tags that my dog
always runs off road through every possible terrain, from forests to mud, and his tag still looks brand new - I highly recommend it!"
- Lina & Zion

"All 15+ of my tags from Eline have held up so well, especially considering I have two young, active-breed dogs that run in the mud and play in the ocean frequently!"
- Nisha, Miska & Freia

"Tundrada’s wearable art easily goes on all of our adventures. From the summer beach when it’s +30°C, withstanding sun and sand, to the winter hiking trails when it’s -40°C, tolerating wind and snow. Every tag, including my first Laki, remains untarnished by age or elements. They are truly the perfect union of beauty and durability."
- Allison & Indy

"I ordered many times from Eline and every tag we received is a piece of art. They are so beautiful but also very durable. Splinter wears them every day on his harness or collar and they still look so good!"

Rozanne & Splinter

Art & Customer service

"I was astonished by the amount of detail that could fit on such a small piece and quickly realized that her artistic eye was unparalleled."
- Allison & Indy

"All of Eline's artwork is created very carefully, whether it's pre-made or custom-made. She puts so much dedication in her craft and it really shows in the quality and the details. She's the only person I buy from for my tags, and I also can't get enough of the jewelry, dream catchers, hooks she makes too."
- Nisha, Miska, Freia

"Eline knows how to turn your ideas into beautiful little works of art and also makes you the most beautiful surprise tags."
- Emily & Kyo

"The reason I am a repeat customer at Tundrada is not only the fact that the tags are stunningly beautiful and extremely durable but also because of Eline's amazing sense of customer service. She has gone above and beyond every time I have placed an order and is always accommodating and nice when you interact with her. I warmly recommend shopping at Tundrada! 

- Lina & Zion

"I have ordered several tags from Tundrada  for my dogs and one is prettier than the other. On top of that the quality is amazing. What makes me come back to the shop again and again is the owner Eline though. I have ordered different tags with a custom design and Eline was doing an amazing job in creating exactly what I wanted each time. She took me through all the steps, asked for my feedback and, what I found super helpful, assisted me in making the right colour choices. She is putting her heart and
full effort in every tag and they all turn out absolutely unique and beautiful. I can only recommend this shop, if you are looking for a durable, eco friendly art piece for you precious pup."
- Nele, Hinata & Mina