Wild Surprise tag

This tag is for the biggest adventurers, who love to be surprised, who are always excited about whatever life brings their way and doesn't whine about rainy days. 

If you can't decide the type of your tag or want me to use every tool I have to make this the most amazing name tag your pup has ever seen, then this is for you!

I will need you to tell me something about your pup, what do they like, what mischiefs they are into, maybe mention their favourite gear color. Also it would be very helpful if you would mention what you definitely wouldn't like -  dark tags, glitter, anything. 
Also leave me your IG handle so I can stalk your pup and learn more about them.

Please note that you won't see any stages of this tag being made, I won't contact you with tag choice or anything. Also I won't post this on Instagram until you have received it. 

For Wild Surprise Tags I always choose more loved tags like Burr, Pahta or Tip tag. You won't get Aapa or Laki tag from this listing.