Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag
Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag
Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag
Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag
Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag

Engraved Antler Dog Name Tag

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These name tags are made for adventure pup in mind, they are durable, simple and less expensive since I don't need to sand the sides of the tag and seal the writing with UV protection. They will look stylish on your wildest adventures.

Dog ID tag will be waxed with eco-friendly, non-toxic wax to mask the smell of the antler so the dog wouldn't try to eat it, and also for the durability.

I have various sizes of these pet ID tags. Choose the size of your dog on the dropdown menu at checkout and I will find the optimal size for your pooch. 

For this name tag I only offer one font, the one you see in the photos, since it's hard to be very precise when engraving it with the dentist drill.

Fill in your dog's name (front side) and phone number on the back side.

Each antler is unique and no two dog tags will be the same. After I get your order, I will contact you so you can choose your own tag. you can also add a little drawing to make your tag even more unique but please consider it has to be a simple drawing.


Please consider your dog's character before buying the name tag. Most dogs don't care about the fact that they are wearing a piece of antler, but there might be dogs who get irritated by that. Also, make sure to hang the name tag to a tight fitting collar and don't add extra rings, so the dog can't reach the tag with mouth.


It will take me about 10 days to make your order depending on the amount of orders I have at the moment. If you want to skip the line then add this listing: https://goo.gl/FHoqMJ

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This item will be shipped from Finland with Priority mail and no tracking (USA, Canada it might take up to two weeks for delivery). We also offer Express tracked shipping. https://goo.gl/JCBeRF