PAHTA - Antler Slice Name Tag

PAHTA - "steep cliff"

Pahta is a minimalistic tag made from antler slice. It is thin and lightweight. Some Pahtas are with smooth edges and some have a bit more burred edge.

What does each upgrade mean:

Aurora background - The whole background is covered with Northern Lights and it slightly changes colours when you view it from different angles. The name is written with white calligraphy letters in the middle. You can choose from 8 different colours.
Painted Scenery - This can be any simple scenery that I have done before or you can choose custom colours, nature elements (trees, mountains, sunset, moon, river, lake etc). This upgrade is also used for simple custom drawings, you can always ask me if unsure.
Northern lights scenery - For this I use the shiny Northern lights paint that my customer have loved for years. You can pick the nature elements (mountain, forest, river, lake, etc) and any of 8 colours of northern lights. 
Portrait - this is a full body or face portrait of your pup with any background you wish for. I will need you to send me good quality photos of your pet.
Silhouette scenery - my original designs include two types of silhouette sceneries, one is a dark silhouette of your pup against colourful sky, the other is your pup's chest silhouette with inverted nature scenery. For this upgrade I will also need to see a photo of your pet.
Floral - You can see examples of some of my floral designs, you can choose specific flowers or plants and colours and I will make a beautiful floral "bouquet". I can paint them with spring blossoms, summer flowers, autumn leaf floral or Christmas themed. Perfect idea for weddings if your pup is taking part.